Azeri Express

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We organize storage and protection of your goods in the cleanest and most reliable way with storage service! You can entrust us with your cargo of various weights and volumes with peace of mind.



Bizim Our experienced customs specialists and declarants take care of the documentation of your imported/exported goods and ensure that your goods go through the entire customs process in a timely and reliable manner./ixrac olunan mallarınıza dair sənədlərə diqqət yetirir və mallarınızın vaxtında və etibarlı şəkildə bütün gömrük prosesindən uğurla keçməsini təmin edir.

Qəbul nöqtəsi

Reception point

We can be a pick up point for the products you sell. Our offices can act as a drop-off point for your customers.

Beynəlxalq dəniz daşımaları

International sea transportation

We fully provide logistics and transport services necessary for the implementation of sea cargo transportation. Our specialists analyze the individual needs of the customer, the characteristics of the transported goods, and design the most suitable delivery route for the customer. Regardless of the distance, we ensure timely transportation of any goods.

Ölkədaxili məktubların və bağlamaların çatdırılması

Domestic delivery of letters and parcels

We deliver personal and corporate letters and parcels to any region, city, village and settlement within the country. Azeri Express is the only private postal company in Azerbaijan that makes deliveries to the regions within 1 day using private vehicles.

Beynəlxalq quru daşımaları

International land transport

We provide higher quality, safer and shorter transportation of international freight by road. In addition, we organize the transportation of containers arriving at the port of Poti. At this time, we also take over the customs clearance process and offer you a more efficient and quality service.

Beynəlxalq çatdırılma - FedEx

International shipping – FedEx

Since 01.09.2018, we are the only official representative of FedEx Express, the world's largest express transport company, in Azerbaijan. We deliver personal and corporate letters and parcels by express to more than 200 countries of the world.